Short Anthology: “Nude skin”

Nude skin is the name of a short anthology I wrote two years ago, in Cambrige, Uk, feeling emptied by any feeling and physical sensations. It was written in a particular moment in which I felt I had lost it all: my dream to stay longer in England, my boyfriend, my inner balance. It was a course which helped so much in terms of reaction and analysis. Here you have my nude skin, my connective tissue, my hair follicles, and sweat gland. It was a blessing I’d like to share with you all.

Captain Aldo


You can either listen to it through Soundcloud or reading it.


little by little
my breath turns into joint
a tender alabaster
my handle to go back to surface
you’re not sandpaper anymore
if piano keys were clouds
would You make Mozart rain
straight from the chimney stack?
At the souls shunting
a mistake compromised my existence
I should have been wind
the eco climbing back from my chest
when I sit down
and you’ve been inside

after you’ve inhaled from your fag butt
half of the world you’re missing
you’ve already seen it all
you’ve just noticed my border
on the gaunt edge of my lips
they’re traveller’s boots
you’re just a storm of forgetfulness
and over there, the truth:
your stop and my prohibition
you say this word caused you
thousands of nervous breakdowns
where do you move your gaze
when I’m invisible to your eyes?
You get blinded by anger
It sticks to your heart
A whistle of pure intolerance

You throw your flaming words
to the edges of my distress
bump my steps’ crucible
with your meaningless toddling
like a shivering chick
a volcano mulling over
its potential explosion
our shared moments derail
our dodged sheets
now I’m safe
ruggedness doesn’t swarm anymore
towards you annoyed face
my new day broadens my horizons
a goniometer of imperfect happiness

you own the ability
to refract yourself everywhere
with your false beard
and your talking eyes
inside my nerves’ hazel shadow
‘home’ has the taste of your arrival
never coming
have you any idea
how plumbeous the sky can be
when it’s like an overturned puddle?
Just like I feel, right now
the same old non-involvement
every time I don’t get, puntually
your roaring greeting
all your love

you see,
I can be no longer elegant
that picky to make you fall in love
like a parachute over your
to me, only two seasons exist:
the one in which you think on me
and the one
in which you love me
and because of that
it’s an everlasting winter around
but nevermind
don’t you think I’m inventing
a rail to step on
with my burning sack race?

Nature keeps me encaged
in her tennis elbow
She gives birth to a fluorescent trail of
On my back
Are you still riding the dawn?
Are you still taking your steps across
the ocean?
Are you still extending the south of
your eyebrows?
Are you still hugging me while I
Nature gave me all back
Your perfume, your freckles
She even gave me back
your tantrums
the sandals and the pinches
Time gave me a sin
And only then I lived budding
As a cicada in love

And I knock in front of the ant-hills
Hoping they give me a shelter
They’re laughing in my face
And They don’t know
That’s the best gift they can give me

I can distinguish the floods
In the folds of your skin
I drain because of the concern
I feel for this Earth
I’m inebriated by the chemical
Of water and fire
I swore I would have not poisoned
the shiver
Of the repelled horizons
But here the solitude becomes
A unison gust of eternity
I block my ankle’s roots
To donate the seed of my leaves
Intact like hell

May these waters glance me
as an ancient book
may they roll me imprecise
as an old parchment
may they assault every limit
push me ‘till the imperturbability
of my stony kidneys
may this lake taste my last breath
may it cook my thirst
with moon drops and slices of
and with a stroke of happiness
to swallow sinfully

You’re surprised the wind carries you
I wonder why light washes me off
when we lay together untiring
You and me, like speculate hornets
inside myself
with the hand-glass
I walk with hidden knees
while the sun’s ears cover me
I’m afraid of spring’s disappearances
the soles
inside the active volcano
of my roaring breath
I’m alive
more than ever
and you ask yourself why
I’m constantly happy
I tell you that my tongue
weights the joy
as it was a drinking-straw
In a sea’s fresh juice

Blades of grass
Blades of grass are my dash
I bend my knees and jump
I strongly taste the femur
of a run started with adhesion
but I will spread my wings
the wind as a necklace
the rivers as little as pupils
as growing gonads
blades of grass are my song
the rustle is an orchestra in the
a unique sorcery
in the beauty’s cauldron
but I will run through the earth
the mud as a lifebuoy
the clouds as tall as hang-gliders
as skyscrapers lived by angels

If my heart were a larva
where would my kisses fly?
an entire station along the elbows
You would go through
truth seals your face
waterfalls of flies now open wide the
You transform you absent
in every vein of mine
If my heart were a larva
we would renounce being mirrored
narrowed in the mutations
of a brotherly coral’s love
You would speak remote languages
they would lick your waspy waist
they would spray the sky
fluttering insatiable


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