Weekly Playlist #1

Here we are exchanging some good music, sailors! I have seven incredible tracks for you to discover. Ready? Get your headphones on and start travelling with me.

1- “Nunca me verà chorar” by Ludmilla = a fluffy melody is combined with a mature and well-structured songwriting. Ludmilla’s kingdom could be easily addressed to brazilian funk, but that would deeply incorrect. Her music combines various genres that always matches a dynamic and free-range personality


2- “Valentine’s day” – David Bowie = one of the last White Duke’s strongest hit of all time! Obviously, we shall consider “Blackstar” full of pearls – and there are no doubts! But that song, particularly followed by that punding poem which is “If you can see me“, reaches another planet, as it has always been with David. From the stunning “The next day


3- “We don’t deserve love”Arcade Fire = along with “Electric blue“, one of the best tracks from the brand new album, “Everything now“. Surely one of the new anthems of the band. Circular in its marvelous structure, it evolves in something hypnotic and love-inducing.


4- “Party in the dark” , Mogwai = they’re back! and so their skill to create apocalyptic scenarios behind the absurdity. Very 90’s set up, the song would be confortably open their shows, and hopefully will be stronger in their live sessions. Their return is just too much of a comet to be coldly judged. And all this just after one freaking year by “Atomic“! How surprising they keep being!

5- “Tabula rasa” – Roberta Giallo, She’s probably the freshest italian songwriter you could get right now if you had to pick somebody from the huge river of nothing. Her voice climbs back and forth high peaks and relentlessly creates overwhelming lyrics, full of metaphors and colours. Have a look at her album “L’oscurità di Guillaume“, she won’t disappoint you. This song is from her previous EP, and its live version is just enchanting.

6- “Out to Sea“, Ólafur Arnalds – This icelandinc gut is been playing for nearly a decade now, he’s gone through stunning and modern renditions of classics (“The Chopin project“) to solo emotional masterpieces (“Eulogy for evolution“, for instance). This song will just push you into another dimensions. And, keep calm: it won’t anything but wonder! Even chaos is well dressed, in this amazing composer’s notes.


7- “Waltz“, Meredith Monk = how to close a circle? You invoke the queen of mystery, and you blindly trust any of her tracks to explore an inner primitive area of your soul. Meredith Monk is been in the field for so long to be easily considerable a Minister of vocal experiments. Her music will leave you with your mouth open.


And you, what have you been listening? Did you like this weekly playlist? Let me know below and let’s share some good music. One prayer: don’t be narrow-minded about it. I love it all! Beijos.


Captain Aldo


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