Weekly playlist #2


Hey, sailors, here we are, a week later, exhanging some good music as usual antidote against all this upcoming motiveless racism. Music reminds us we are marvelously brothers. So, get your headphones and let’s go:

1- “Wingbeats” by Hidden Orchestra

That name, “Hidden Orchestra“, comes from the composer/ producer Joe Acheson‘s imagination. Tracks were differently recorded in separate places, then mixed altogether like members of a poetic ensemble. The result is an entrancing journey across blues and platonic, nearly aboriginal, reverbs. Pure and erotic, give this son a go.


2- “The boy with the thorn in his eyes” – Super furry animals

This 1997 record is still fresher than 85% of today productions. This Welsh groud, founded by Gruff Rhys, has always had a compact idea of music, which could take roots everywhere: electronic sounds, but contemporary, pop rock and psychedelic resends. If you’re parying this night, take them into consideration.


3- “Eh Ya ye” – Trio Da Khali + Kronos Quartet

Like their website expresses, Trio Da Kali unites three outstanding musicians from the Mande culture of southern Mali who come from a long line of distinguished griots (hereditary musicians). Formed of voice, balafon and bass ngoni, the Trio aim to bring a contemporary twist to ancient and neglected repertoires.This collaboration of them with the magnificent The Kronos quartet will give you an ultimate idea of “together” as an adjective. Hugs, pls!!


4- “DanÇa” – Muhler Pepita

Straight from her Ep “Uma vez piranha, sempre piranha“, this song is an extraordinary dancy example of brazilian funk, steered by the amazing Muhler pepita, pioneering in LGBT funk movemevt in Brazil, along with Ludmilla, Lia Clark, Pablo Vittar. Have fun!



5 – “The game is over” – Franco Battiato

And from Rio de Janeiro let’s jump to Sicily, with this Maestro from Catania, one of the most talentful italian musician ever existed. His musical research has no comparisons among other musicians. This album, “Il vuoto“, explored – as usual – the relationship beetwen men and their deepest doubts, fear, anxious questions. Check him out.


6 – “Il sole nella pioggia” – Alice

Franco Battiato’s friend, Alice could be his feminine alter ego. Elegant, sinuous, cherished, her voice is high and low as long as it wants to sound out mysteries linked to human and spiritual nature. This song is about Aboriginal ceremonies to fertilize Earth.


7- “Sakura” – Giuni Russo

Let’s end this weekly playlist of ours with another italian artist, another one from that tiny little italian Island which is Sicily. This popular japanese song is very popular and it’s been covered several times all over the world (Bon Jovi included, can you believe it?). In Italy, we’ve had the pleasure to have it covered by a woman with one of the strongest voice ever existed. If you don’t trust me on this, bear with me and listen to the entire “Morirò d’amore” record, from which this song is taken.


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