My podcast experience

Hello, sailors,

I really hope you’re having a good time, full of wonder and poetry. This morning I woke up with a big desire in me: telling you a bit about my podcast experience, which I hope is not an adventure locked in the past but also a stimulus for venturing towards new directions. When I approached podcasting I was eighteen, still in my high school studying social sciences (which I’ve never liked that much, honestly speaking). I was asked by a Professor of mine to join a team of guys who were part of this experimental project called InsideOut (You can find the episodes, in italian, by clicking on it) and I accepted. I was given a literary column called Do not disturb, I’m reading, in which I used to share books reviews and reporting literary events (Like this, to give you a clue).


After this well gone experiment, I was given the chance to have my own podcast – can you imagine it?! – and I decided to dedicate it to sea literature, since It’s always been a love of mine. It had ten episodes, all dedicated to different topics – from braveness in exploring to Emily Dickinson’s Life & poems, from crazy recipes from all over the world to women rights across the globe. I called it Il Veliero, which in italian means Sailing ship and you can find the episodes right here.


After two years I was asked to join another vibrant project, hosted by a new italian podcasting network called Runtime Radio, la radio non solo geek. It was about a creative relay among Simone Pizzi (radio host), Barbara Favaro (storyteller) and me, recommending 15 songs in each episode and sharing anecdotes about singers, musician and us. It was fun and you can listen to them here, even by zipping the talking part and only enjoying the recommended music. Hope you have fun.


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