Review: “Xeresa” – Xeresa

For those who are not familiar with it, Xeresa is the name of a musical project by the prolific Nico, born Nicolas Pierre Wardell, producer, musician and greatly talented jack-of-all-trades who, from Brighton, decided to launch this homonymous album of refreshing electronics, shoegaze brushstrokes and precious harmonies. If already with the previous Beatastic he was centred with original and well-placed ideas, on this occasion the young polyhedral artist turns plays his wildcard, gifting a record that is full to the brim of good ideas. Imagine for a moment like a mudra, a harmony of fingers on the synthesiser that recalls and connects, the first feature from the album (with the talented Demi Haynes) is a storm of suspensions. The music radiates like a sun to make every seed grow. Sounds resemble the electrifying Zola Jesus, the sizzling M83, even the virtuoso Arcade Fire: it’s a pocket-sized spring, the one we hear, seems to run on the beach in the polaroid that each of us keeps in a bedside drawer. In Freeze the beat spins in the ears like hail, building a shelter that is free from every threat. Sometimes it is minimal house, sometimes dub prêt-à-porter, more simply: music that soaks into the flesh like a good perfume, of the tyrannical kind that which does not leave until they have brought us exactly there, the place where we felt that fragrance and where we learned to associate it with that memory. Because Xeresa is also and above of all an inaugural album of beautiful surprises, which reminds so much of a pomegranate: in addition to the pleasure it procures, it evokes the danger that hides within itself in getting lost between the overlapping electronics and abrupt passages. But there, in that cruel maze of apparitions, gems such as Glitch are sealed, a track that floats like mercury, demonstrating great intelligence, analysis, balance, logic, cunning. Between clamour e down tempo ( Divergence), the spiritual intercessions of our anesthetised times (Pinky the plonk that recalls We are all made of stars by Moby), harmonic spirals worthy of S.C.U.M. and Toy (Old movie, feat. Chris Collier), Nico sprinkles the twelve episodes of the disc with beauty and desire to create, questioning the concept of “group”, “band”, “chorus” performing all by himself if he was an orchestra. An unpredictable funk cathedral that we look forward to hearing. Courage, man! 



1. Fall Into the Light (Ft. Demi Haynes) 04:30 video
2. Freeze 03:14
3. The Right Track (Ft. Claudi Verdecia) 03:42
4. Glitch the Picture 03:45
5. Cathedral Funk (Ft. Tom Lugo) 05:23
6. Old Films (Ft. Chris Collier) 04:34
7. Stranger Fangs 02:17
8. Plinky the Plonk (Ft. Chris Webber) 02:22
9. Racer 03:06
10. Divergence 04:08
11. Slice 02:30
12. Reality (Ft. Dani Mari) 07:21


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