Weekly playlist #3

Hey, sailors, don’t you think It’s about time we get some new, fresh music? As you might have noticed out there, summer is quickly sliding into fall and I personally adore that. It’s always been one of my two favourite seasons of all (the other one is easily guessing, It’s winter). Especially for the mixed weather we have here, in north Italy, a perfect combination of half warmed and rainy days. Love the balance of it. Here we are sharing are new 7-tracks weekly playlist, the third of the month.


1) “ERA ÓBVIO”, Marisa Monte

Straight from the 2011 album of her (“O que você quer saber de verdade”), this track is a cuddle to the soul and a beautiful example of how music can truly affect a human spirit. It perfectly suits this gloomy times, bringing some hope and calmness in. If we decided to take a break from everyday rushing, Marisa could handily be a friend of ours.

2) “Flerte revival” – Letrux

From “Letrux em Noite de Climão”, this song strikes like a hit from a futuristic decade of music. A bit Cocteau Twins a bit Luisa Maita, her skills to wind your attention up reside in her brilliant musical roots (She was part of a famous rock band, years ago). The electronic contribution is massively beneficiary of a wild, interesting personality.

3) “Xingu” – No Porn

Liana Padilha (vocals) and Luca Lauri (synthesizer) are the names of the marionettes pulling the strings of this stellar duo based in the Brazilian land of São Paulo. The homonym album launched their career wildly through the Country, followed by the 2016 Record “Na boca”, right a decade after. Have a taste of it.

4) “Giovanni Telegrafista” – Enzo Jannaci

From the glorious 60’s of Italian Music, Enzo Jannaci is an absolute icon who represented the willing of a stimulating change in the way music and lyrics were both conceived to the audience. His caustic storytelling finds here such a lovely balance between an exquisite portrait of love and a funny story. From the album “Vengo anch’io. No, tu no.”. You should also listen to Daniela Nardi’ s version in “Canto”


5) “Ciccio Formaggio” – Roberto Murolo

Going back further than Enzo Jannaci, this Italian genius songwriter covered most universal topics: love, despair, social troubles, and even a large portion of fun. This “Ciccio Formaggio” song is about a tormented love story between a coward man and a demanding, controlling woman who makes his life hell, in a very cheerful and hilarious contest.

6) “Danza Macabra” – Renato Zero

Staying in Italy, facing one of the most trailblazing artists ever existed in Italy, this song takes the mick out of the Italian habits to imagine that, out of this country miseries, Life is practically perfect. He was written in years in which his lovely vice to get theatrical costumes was considered oddly blasphemous


7) “Parentesi” – Meg

This innovative woman was once leader of a noise metal group called 99Posse, politically counter-current and very focused on fighting social iniquities. From 2004 on, She started a brilliant and unpredictable solo career which reached liaisons with the best electronic women of all time. In more than a circumstance, She was compared to Björk, Róisín Murphy and CocoRosie.


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