Review: “Younger now” – Miley Cyrus

Sixth studio album for Miley Cyrus,Younger now” was released on September 29th, 2017 by the RCA Records label and follows, in an overwhelming scatter, the experimental “Miley Cyrus & her dead petz” of 2015 and the award-winning ” Bangerz “in 2013. Back to collaborating with producer Oren Yoel, anticipated by the title track,” Malibu “and the single” Inspired “, former Hannah Montana seems to have found a starting point right from the most valuable resource approachable: herself . That the pop was too tight, we had already guessed it in the brilliant collaboration with French Montana (“FU“) and in the “4 × 4” humorous scampans, with “Younger now” the artist of “Wrecking ball” came back on the balcony of her heart with a record that keeps your heart warm with natural and simple marbling.

In fact, the artist, sings that she has been awakened by the torpor, that has been a long way off serenity. The previous break with her boyfriend seems to have found a prominent, stable stitch in the soul of the singer. Her  voice emanates her willing to start again, and that vocality is usually well-centered, energetic, enveloping. With “Malibu” you can see the glittering colors of a prairie, its coral mottles let  country music come back from the front door after having abandoned it by the disney feasts. The prodigal son goes back to Miley’s pocket and heart to plans  an assorted and colorful banquet , which unpretentiously involves and convinces even in this round. In the poisoned times that run and surpass, artists are asked for a total sacrifice. By shrugging  to  this infamous responsibility, Miss Cyrus sits among blades of  grass  and plays her guitar in peace with herself. And we like that.

There are no surprises, despite the pleasantly smooth and unobtrusive climates. We find, for instance, a brilliant duet with the legendary Dolly Parton in “Rainbowland“, soft in its intentions and wonderfully successful. The singer sings to us that it’s about time for awakening and change, and she chooses R & B tones and naively pop to remind it. Satisfying and cheerful songs like “Week without you,” or vice versa as drastic and energetic as “Thinkin” reiterate the idea that human heart needs love to carry out its vital processes. A network of affections. Sometimes anonymity is latent, in traces such as “Bad mood“, “Jolene“‘s bad copycat or “Love someone“, a rippled version of utopian Nirvana, but “Younger now” ends up being an unmistakable sign of a fragile soul who can still re-embrace the clouds with the hope, after all, that they no longer have to respond to any palates but hers. A crisp album  comes out, which only claims to be and to be able to express. Let her be whoever she feels like being.



1. “Younger Now”
2. “Malibu”
3. “Rainbowland” featuring Dolly Parton
4. “Week Without You”
5. ‘Miss You So Much”
6. “I Would Die For You”
7. “Thinkin'”
8. “Bad Mood”
9. “Love Someone”
10. “She’s Not Him”
11. “Inspired”


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