Review: “Baroque” – Korfian

Mixed and mastered at the Sweetspot Productions, the new Ep of the graphic designer Korfian, born as Spyros Psarras, titles “Baroque” and just like the artistic period spread throughout the eighteenth century in Europe, the project is a dark celebration of poetry and fantasy, such as the irregularity of a pearl, an exaggeration that hits the target in the framework of electronic music to keep an eye on. By paraphrasing Caravaggio‘s Boy with a Basket of Fruit, the artist prints the album’s character on the cover and declines it through four passionate crossover flavors, among iamamiwhoami, AllieX, Katy Boy. Born in Corfu, now based in Athens, the musician opens breakes the seal with Black Dwarf, with its beautiful intro reminding the power of Said El Kurdi, revealing itself as a hybrid of synth and refrain customs, bordering on electronic – Fever Ray eclampsia and dark atmospheres and recalcitrant sounds by John Balance and Peter Christopherson.
He craves space, remembers the dawn where even God could not get the two worlds confused. Religiousness has an exorbitant role, it becomes a tool for raising spiritually within personal and social contradictions and dramas of our times. The Christological reverberations of “Judgment” precisely embrace beats that ecumenically relate to enigmatic sound reminiscents by Tsar B. Korfian’s voice is undoubtedly Dave Gahan‘s daughter and its personality leaves the apoplettic beats that massively shine in the listener’s brain(“Time Traveler“). “Fear,” which closes the Ep, examines the fear of rediscovering, recognizing you, opening up to love for the queue of its frustrations. The author brilliantly redirects them to the top, in a letter sent to the future generations of ourselves. This, probably, is the strong suit of all the good that will come from now on.

You can read the italian version right here —> on StandoutWebzine



1. Black Dwarf

2. Judgment

3. Time Traveler

4. Fear


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