My life as a florist

Being a florist is definetly something I wasn’t expecting in this life to take form and just happen. Staying in London was secretly implying to accept whatever job was knocking at the door while getting closer to what I really wanna do in life.

Strangely enough, life decided to introduce me this extraordinary opportunity to have some privileged contacts with flowers and plants. And my God, how inspirational they are! It’s a tough job, of course, especially when you spend 8 hours in a shed with open windows and it’s snowing outside! My back was as mercyless as I was being with it, but hey… what a ride!

Conditioning roses is an exvercise to practice your patience: certain thorns will easily drive you to rotten soon, you have to strip them off. Our feet, at the same way, need some constant conditioning, to better evaluate our next stop and directions. There are leaves we don’t need anymore and petals we should ideally get rid off. Because dealing with living beings, every day, just made me more aware of how connected and similar we are to the other creatures who share this planet of ours.

It’s incredible, it’s everyday wowing. Here’s some pictures of my arrangements, for you to have a look. If you live in London or nearby and want to have a closer look, the shop is called Bayley and Sage. I also make arrangements on my own, if you feel like negotiating new artistic ideas or have some plans for certain events and you’re looking for something reasonably cheap. Beijos!


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