10 London places I’m in love with

London Bridge, close enough to where I live (Poplar) and at the same time beautifully connected to the centre of London. A touristic spot linked to the marvellous Borrough Market, where You can find lots of peculiar food from all over the world (literraly so: from Taipei to Bermuda, crossing Brazil and Argentina)
Camden Town, a rebel quarter which got more and more popular through the years. An incredible oasis for creative/alternative souls who are looking for fancy clohes or thrift shops, passing by music stores and instant tattoo maker. A great place to spend your day.
China Town, a spectacular spot full of vibrant positivity, always welcoming buskers, street food vans and close to Soho, another jewel full of vitality, including clubs, sexy shops, freak restaurants… just adorable!
The Royal Albert hall, Temple of Music, where I’ve seen Olafur Arnalds, Le circue du Soleil, soon Anitta, just a great and historic institution for music nerds like me. Any event-addiceted like me would adore this venue and would awe all the time. 
Little Venice, a not-so-famous place that I particulary like because It’s quiet and It’s a call to beauty, every time of the year. Relaxing and hypnotizing. 
The Hive is a unique, multi-sensory experience designed to highlight the extraordinary life of bees. It’s located in the location of the next photo. I always come by here when I want to lie down and hear the echo of my soul (literally: you’ll hear something magic happening)
Kew Gardens. I’m a florist, this is a huge, unique garden… shall I add something to that combo? If Heaven does exist, it should be similar to that


National History musem, a collection of pretty much everything, in  which I love to lose myself into. It’s for free!
a bit of mistery is always recommendable, right?

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