Who is the Captain?

My real name is Aldo, born in 1994, Pisces (or Dog, depending), I’m a poetry lover (my favourite: Emily Dickinson, Sylvia Plath, Eugenio Montale, Melville, Antonia Pozzi), podcaster (You can check my “Il Veliero“, here or “Barcode, la Musica col codice a barre” here), passionate guy for writing (You can read my short story in italian hereand poems (I’ve written two anthologies,”Penetralia“, a 77-days project based on writing a poem every day with esoteric reverbs you can find here and Cavalo Nero, a 49-poems both in English and portoguese you can read here) or listen to it as a podcast version here). I’m always looking for new experiences and lovely people. I love culture and music, winter and tea, serendipity and queuing up at airports, lucid dreaming and ethnic recipes. I’m kind and homosexual, volcanic and smiley. Please, feel free to leave a comment and share something real. I do believe in human exchange. And don’t be picky on my english, I love it as a brother, but I’m italian, more specifically lacustrine, by the Lake Garda, but I moved here in London (lots of hearts for this astonishing place!).




You can find me on youtube ( Capitan Aldo )or soundcloud or Instagram